Jeewasha Foundation is the accumulation of a long standing dream about creating a place where kidney patients can turn for a solution. We have seen many of these patients have a long way of suffering until their problems were solved, if they were solved at all in this life. We want to create a center where all kind of kidney disease can be treated, with high quality care and with affordable price options even for the poorest. We want to have options for the poorest people to get treatment irrespective of their financial status.

We want to have one place where all care is at hand. That is the dream project of Jeewasha Foundation.

Impact of Jeevasha

Jeewasha Foundation has organized large number of awareness and preventive programs in the community. They all include screening tests and case-finding among the high-risk populations. Due to these programs large number of at-risk patients were discovered and helped them to avoid kidney failure by managing their conditions (eg. uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension, early stage kidney disease, etc.).
Jeewasha Foundation also helps the needy kidney disease patients to get adequate care despite financial difficulties. Arranging treatments, liaising with authorities and government agencies, paying for medications or treatments as needed.
Jeewasha Foundation is in the process to setting up an independent dialysis unit that will provide free hemodialysis and home dialysis (CAPD) to the most needy patients.

Dr. Klara Paudel