COVID-19 has caused havoc all over the world. So it is in Nepal. The wave has reached us late and is now in a growing phase. We are at high risk.

All over the world, about 20% of dialysis patients have contracted COVID-19 infection and about 25% of these patients died from the infection. Dialysis patients are at high risk. Also, during COVID-19 outbreak, a large number of infected patients, about 25-30% of the serious or critical patients will require temporary or permanent dialysis, putting stress on the already overwhelmed system.

Due to the long standing lock down the repair services are greatly affected due to lack of spare parts and since the international airport is closed, there is no further supply of the needed items. Consequently, currently approx. 25% of dialysis machines are out of service. Due to the lack of machines, the regular patients are getting less treatment eg. Instead of three times a week, they get twice or once weekly, instead of 4 hours dialysis they get 3 hours, which further affects their quality of life and survival.

In Nepal the dialysis services have very limited capacity and patients are increasing day by day.

We need your help to save lives. We are raising funds to buy dialysis machines and be able to provide this lifesaving treatment to the Nepalese kidney patients.

Can you imagine, that you have kidney disease, feel very weak, unable to work, and there is no other income source in the family, yet still you have to pay for all your treatments from your pocket? Isn’t it unfair? In Nepal all health care services are out-of-pocket and people who cannot afford the expensive dialysis treatments have no chance to survive.

Jeewasha Foundation is helping these people by providing free hemodialysis, home dialysis (CAPD), and financial assistance to the needy ones.

Please help to achieve our goal to raise funds for 10 machines, each costing 10 000 USD. We need to raise the funds urgently, before July 15th2020.  If we can have the funds by July 15th 2020,  the machines will be shipped immediately and they will be sent with the first aircraft once the airport opens in August 2020.

We are humbly requesting your support, even a small amount will contribute to achieve the goal. 

Please share the appeal with your friends too!

HELP RAISE 100 000 USD by JULY 15th 2020!