Meet Our Team

The foundation is the dream project of Dr Klara Paudel and Mrs Rachana Basnet. We have numerous supporters, among them we have to mention Dr Badri Paudel, Mr Dudhraj Parajuli and Miss Gyanu Parajuli.


Dr Klara Paudel, she was born in Hungary and moved to Nepal in 2006 with her husband, Dr Badri Paudel. She is  passionate about kidney patients and would like to gather all possible support to help them.







Rachana Basnet. She was born in Pokhara, Nepal and graduated as PCL and later on Bachelor of Nurse. She was in charge of the hemodialysis unit and later on became Head of Nursing at Charak Memorial Hospital. She is co-founder of Jeewasha Foundation and contributes greatly with her expertise and experience in the field. Her dynamic and enthusiastic personality





Rita  Gurung. She was born in Pokhara, Nepal. She graduated as Bachelor in Computer Sciences and later on developed kidney failure, which is managed by home dialysis (CAPD). She is the main coordinator of the home dialysis program and she is also office head of Jeewasha Foundation.








Dr Badri  Paudel. He was born in Chitwan, Nepal, graduated as MD medicine and currently working as senior consultant physician and professor in Pokhara, Nepal. He is greatly supporting Jeewasha Foundation with his expertise and experience.



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Dudhraj Parajuli. He was born in Pokhara, Nepal. He supports Jeewasha Foundation with his expertise and provides full IT services.








Gyanu  Parajuli. She was born in Pokhara, Nepal and graduated as Bachelor in Pharmacy. Her advice is a real support and help to the foundation.